YOUTH ASTHMA Medical Alert Wristband Bracelet

For when you can’t be there to speak for them
Wearable medical ID for kids on the go
Set of 3 red wristbands with contrasting white print, with unique kids logo

MCI Scientific Alert Wristbands are mild and comfy. The user Is not going to even understand that they have got it on. Must a Scientific emergency happen, the wristband will supply necessary knowledge to Scientific workforce. Additionally reminds, academics, coaches and workforce of your kid’s Scientific condition.
For whilst you’ll’t be there to talk for them
Wearable Scientific ID for children at the go
Set of 3 crimson wristbands with contrasting white print, with distinctive children emblem
Is not going to discolor, tarnish, or lead to pores and skin issues, light-weight and comfy
EMT’s are skilled to search for wristbands whilst responding


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