Yes4All Agility Disc Cone Set

Train like a legend and turn out to be the champion with Yes4All Agility Cones

Highly really helpful by professional athletes and coaches, these Agility cones are used widely in Speed and Agility Coaching.

Speed and Agility Booster

Each sport from racket sports like squash, tennis and badminton to team sports such as rugby, basketball, football, volleyball and hockey requires a few roughly agility. Also, Martial Arts like Judo, Karate, Taekwondo all ask you to transport fast, change direction quickly at the same time as keeping your balance, strength and body regulate. Our Agility cones are among the finest tools to assist to realize the rate and agility you at all times need.

 Premium Prime Quality Agility Cones Set

Yes4All Agility cones fabricated from resilient plastic for extreme durability in any weather conditions; then again, they’re easily collapsible and won’t break when stepped on. Highly visible colors make absolute best markings at the fields, indoor and outside courts. Agility cone packs include
12, 20, 24, 40 cones-highest tools for sport teams, fitness classes and individual use.

Dimensions: (2 varieties)

2.25 inches tall by 7 7/8 inch diameter

-7 inches tall by 5.4 inch diameter

Exercises with Agility Cone

Simply give a boost to your speed and agility by practicing
zig-zag cones, lateral jumps, shuffle runs, cone taps and more. With best about 4-week agility Coaching drills, you’re going to dramatically give a boost to your
strength, power, acceleration, deceleration, coordination, balance and flexibility. Further, you visual vigilance will give a boost to as you continuously run and quickly react to the visual cues.










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