TYR Sport Girls Firerock Diamondback Swim Suit

53% Polyester/47% Polyester PBT
Fast colors, fine Italian fabric, designed for victory
Lined (black)

The Firerock Girls’s Suit is engineered for speed. Showcasing a diamondback design, the DFRC7 permits for reduced protection and increased improve, whilst one hundred% polyester Durafast™ development makes the Firerock Suit one hundred% chlorine evidence for 72 hours of exposure. Designed for festival at each and every degree, this Girls’s Suit lasts 20 times longer than conventional swimming wear and offers one hundred% colorfastness and unsurpassed sun resistance. An excellent selection for group use, Durafast™ by no means fades and TYR four-Approach Stretch Technology by no means loses its stretch and form, so that you by no means lose your part.
fifty three% Polyester/forty seven% Polyester PBT
Rapid colours, fine Italian cloth, designed for victory
Covered (black)
Hand wash, cold water


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