Tuga Juniors’/Women’s Spandex Shorts with Pocket, 3 Inch Inseam

Stylish Juniors’/Women’s Spandex Shorts in 3 Inch Inseam
Made from Lightweight, Soft, & Quick Drying UPF 50+ Fabrics
Made in USA

Trendy forged spandex shorts with pocket for gymnastics, dance, Football, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey or simply to wear below skirts and dresses. Three (3) inch inseam. Pocket 5 1/2″ deep to carry all cell phones or keys and is on left aspect of shorts. Made of cushty nylon/lycra subject material with elastic waist band. Light-weight, breathable and washer-friendly. Shorts are Comprised of UPF 50+ Materials, most sun protection for attire. MADE IN USA. SIZE CHART: XXS (10-12 Yrs), 75-85 lbs, 19-21” waist. XS (0-2), 86-110 lbs, 22-24” waist. S (4-6), 111-125 lbs, 25-28” waist. M (8-10), 126-150 lbs, 29-32” waist. L (12-14), 151-175 lbs, 33-36” waist. XL (16-18), 176-195 lbs, 37-40” waist. All Measurements in Inches. PLEASE NOTE – lighter colour Materials could also be rather see-thru. If for use as outer garment, would possibly require lingerie.
Trendy Juniors’/Girls’s Spandex Shorts in 3 Inch Inseam
Comprised of Light-weight, Comfortable, & Fast Drying UPF 50+ Materials
Made in USA
Nice for Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Field Hockey and More!
Additionally To be had in 2.5, 4 or 6 Inch Inseam. Test Out Our Different Solids and Many Prints!


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