SALMING Viper 2.0 Men’s Indoor Shoe

The Viper is an agile shoe with a low profile and very good stability. The Viper is low, with less cushioning within the forefoot house, enabling a more shut-to-the-court feel, plus a lighter, more breathable higher.The development has its origins within the Salming Running vary, with a 3-layer system and The original ExoSkeleton that helps to keep the foot in the precise position all through lateral actions.The original T.G.S sixty two/seventy two system in particular designates the gap from the heel to the ball of the foot (sixty two% of the shoe) in an effort to optimise stability, comfort and function. Key to this design is the firmer, stabilising phase which ends up on the ball of the foot on the so-referred to as ballet line (a 75 degree attitude).The midsole includes a special prime abrasion injection EVA; RunLite, designed to create a pleasing feel for the court. It’s mild and responds excellently to the ground surface.







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