Raptors Mens Lifting Shoe

Ryderwear Raptors were designed particularly for the weights room, where excellent grip, make stronger, and an exceptional foundation is more necessary than energy go back and bounce. Raptors have fierce styling and blank minimalist lines that make stronger and give protection to the foot and ankle space with out excess padding or elevate, so you’ll be able to get the whole vary of motion you wish to have. These shoes are perfect for free weights, weight machines, and different workouts where being gentle in your feet is very important. Many shoppers wear Raptors for boxing & muay thai Coaching, among different martial arts. Without equal Coaching shoe suited to hardcore gym sessions or boxing/MMA. With a flat sole and numerous ankle make stronger, our Raptors are the Final Gym Coaching Shoe made for squats/deadlifts. FEATURES: Ultra versatile body. Flat foot and sturdy rubber outer sole, best possible for squats/weights. Inner latex comfort heel make stronger. Metal detailing.









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