Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style 103 Putter

Classic blade style putter in black zinc
Comparable features to classic name brand putters–at a fraction of the price
Die cast zinc alloy construction

Offered at an unbeatable, factory direct cost, the Pinemeadow Golf Black Zinc Style 103 Putter features classic blade styling with top-notch materials and manufacturing–to delivers a comparable performance to name brand competitors–at a fraction of the fee. The putter features die cast zinc alloy construction for great balance and a precise performance that may be not oversized and unwieldy. The putter comes standard with a 125-gram steel shaft and a 49-gram tacky standard black putter grip. The Black Zinc Style 103 putter is backed by a 1-year warranty.

About Pinemeadow Golf:
Founded in 1985 and positioned in Portland, Oregon, Pinemeadow Golf used to be some of the first companies to concentrate on building “legal clones” or “knock-offs” within the golf industry. Identical to the computer, automobile, and fashion industries, golf is an industry of product leaders and product followers. Pinemeadow is a “smart follower.” They take a look at what is hot and analyze whether it in point of fact works as advertised and then have a tendency to follow the idea that at a much more cost effective but no less effective result. Clones don’t seem to be to be puzzled with the branded products they may searching for to flatter, but they’re constructed from essentially the similar materials and design principles, use some of the same shaft and grip suppliers, and perform in a similar way to (and even better than) the name brands.

Pinemeadow buys its heads, shafts, and grips from the similar small community of golf manufacturing foundries and suppliers as higher priced competitors, providing the similar performance at a better value. Pinemeadow assists in keeping the cost of its products down by getting rid of the costs associated with advertising, avoiding the overhead associated with excess management, and cutting out middlemen within the type of fancy retail environments. The amount if truth be told spent for research and development by the golf club industry isn’t nearly as large as the money spent for advertising and the retail markups. Up 70 percent of the fee on brand name products goes to reinforce advertising, and the majority of retailers mark up their products by 60 to 100 percent from the wholesale purchase price. Pinemeadow offers its products factory direct to save the consumer money.

Classic blade style putter in black zinc
Comparable features to classic name brand putters–at a fraction of the associated fee
Die cast zinc alloy construction
Standard 125-gram steel shaft and 49-gram tacky standard putter grip
1-year warranty














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