NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with Auto Start Feature

NSD Roll’n Spin / Auto-Start Spinner
Have fun strengthening hands, wrists and forearms in just a minute a day

NSD Spinner will give your hands, wrists and forearms a workout with resistance training. It can develop and shape your grip and forearm muscles to make stronger baseball, tennis, golf games and most sports. Burn fat and eliminate flabby arms. It is going to lend a hand prevent and relieve repetitive stress induced injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI. NSD Spinner is a compact, simple way to isolation exercise with no need to go to the gym. Lightweight, portable and perfect for traveling. It’s an excellent gift for any person with no time to work out.

Roll’n Spin

No starter cord or external battery powered aid needed. We’ve made the usage of the Spinner to give a boost to your wrist and arms easier than EVER. The Roll ‘n Spin Spinner accommodates a pre-tensioner inside the gyroscope that allows for a simple roll back to spin up the gyro with enough momentum to get you began. Watch the attached video above to see how easy it’s to get “began” exercising with the NSD Spinner.

Easy to Use

Our Spinners are a quick and effective way to increase your grip strength and a very good complement to people who play sports. Professionals and amateurs alike can all get pleasure from our “One minute, One powerful hand” pledge! The instructions below apply to all of the other NSD Spinner Roll’n Spin / Auto-Start models.

Wind-up the rotor first

Start the Rotor
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Step One: Start

Wind-up the Spinner by turning the rotor in the direction of the arrow. Alternate the left and right thumb even as maintaining pressure on the rotor. You must feel some resistance building up as you wind up the rotor, like a toy race car. The rotor must be fully wound within 10-15 steps.

Operate the Spinner like this

Operation Motion
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Operation Tips

Imagine there’s a center point on the back of your hand. Make a circle around the center point while you hold the Spinner. The motion of your hand rotating the Spinner is very similar to making ice cubes swirl inside a glass. The essence of operating the Spinner isn’t about how fast you rotate your wrist. It’s about tips on how to synchronize your wrist rotation to the momentum and timing the rhythm of the rotor’s gyration. The faster the rotor spins, the easier it’s to operate. Be sure to wind up the Spinner with sufficient tension.

Release the rotor and let it spin

Hold and then Release
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Step Two: Release

Hold the Spinner in one hand with thumb firmly pressed on the rotor. Release thumb to release the rotor. The rotor must now spin at a moderate speed.

Stengthen your muscle with these postures

Muscle Training
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Muscle Training Diagram

NSD Spinner is a brilliant training device for strengthening your fingers, wrists, forearm, triceps, biceps and shoulder while you use it with different postures as shown left. It is going to make stronger flexibility, endurance, grip strength and coordination in your hands and wrists. Move your wrist gently while you use NSD Spinner to alleviate wrist and finger pain from tendonitis and RSI.

Rotate your wrist

Wrist Rotation
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Step Three: Rotate

Transfer the Spinner to your preferred hand. Rotate your wrist in a circular motion to speed up the gyroscopic rotor. Start your wrist rotation slowly. Increase your wrist rotation steadily. Remember to keep a tight grip on the ergonomic grip once the rotor is spinning on top of things. When speed increases, the resistance increases.

Snap on a NSD Speedometer to make your exerciser more fun!

Speedometer SM-02

Track progress and results with a digital counter.

All NSD Spinners are compatible with NSD LCD Display Speedometer SM-01 and SM-02. NSD Speedometer is also ordered one after the other and snapped on the top of NSD Spinners in a second.





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