Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder


Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder Beef up your golf game with the economically-priced Leupold PinCaddie Rangefinder. Its ease of operation places a competitive edge proper at your fingertips. PinCaddie is loaded with options together with Leupold’s exclusive PinHunter Laser technology, 6x magnification, a prime distinction LCD show, measurements in yards and meters, multi-lined lens system, and one-touch scan mode. These innovations make PinCaddie the easiest tool for obtaining line-of-sight distance measurements to the pin, whilst remaining USGA 14-3 compliant. The PinCaddie’s ranging engine with PinHunter Laser technology gets rid of false readings due to background hazards, like trees and bushes, by evaluating laser go back information and displaying the space to the closest object, the pin. This option means that you can be assured that you’re ranging your target and no longer what’s at the back of it. Rugged, compact, and fully water resistant, Leupold’s PinCaddie Rangefinder is certain to shave strokes off your game. Further options: Black LCD readout Weatherproof Legal for tournament play Weight: 6.8 oz Dimensions: 4.3″L x 2.8″H x 1.6″W Accuracy inside of one yard at 300 yards to the pin










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