Laser Link Switch Rangefinder

Laser Link Switch Rangefinder The Laser Link Switch Rangefinder is the rangefinder for the golfer that wants the whole lot. All the simplicity and ease-of-use of the QuickShot rangefinder is combined with the flexibility and power of the Red Hot rangefinder to create the most productive of both worlds. It in point of fact is the power of two rangefinders combined into one convenient device. With the simple slide of a conveniently positioned toggle, the Laser Link Switch Rangefinder changes straight away from QS Mode to RH Mode, or vice versa. The user can make a decision what they would like the perfect-to-use rangefinder on the planet with QS Mode, or the power to do more with the RH Mode. Three yardage confirmation settings adds to the ease of use, and the feedback from the rangefinder permits you to know you’ve received a yardage measurement and that you’ve the distance information you wish to have to play your next shot. Because this isn’t your typical binocular-shaped laser rangefinder design, golfers find Laser Link Golf’s trademark pistol shape more intuitive and easier to make use of. The pistol shape permits you to operate the product away out of your face. What does this mean There’s no wish to do away with sunglasses and no wish to adjust your hat to measure your yardage. Sun damage is a big health concern for golfers, and almost all players now wear sunglasses and/or hats to assist give protection to themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This rangefinder conforms to USGA and R&A rules. If a product measures slope, wind velocity, or any factor as opposed to distance, it’s not allowed for tournament play, and it’s not allowed for posting a handicap score (See USGA Handicap System Manual Decision 5-1f/2). Additional features: QS (QuickShot) mode measures to Laser Link reflectors only RH (Red Hot) mode measures to all targets at the golf course The Red Dot alignment system is unique to Laser Link rangefinders, and it is easy to look and easy to align Three yardage confirmation settings adds to the ease of use, and the feedback from th










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