HotHands Hand Warmers

Quick, long-lasting heat
Simply open the package and they heat up
Easily fits inside your gloves or pocket

HotHands Hand Heaters are single use air-activated warmth packs that offer on a regular basis warmth and are perfect for keeping your hands heat when the temperature gets cold. These Heaters supply Protected, natural warmth, so you’ll benefit from the great outdoors all the way through the ones harsh winter months. HotHands Hand Heaters easily have compatibility within your gloves or pocket to offer long-lasting, soothing warmth.


• Able to make use of

• Air-activated

• Protected, natural warmth

• Odorless

• Every hotter supplies as much as 10 hours of warmth

• Made in the us

How to make use of:

Merely open the package, shake to turn on, and place in pocket or gloves for optimum warmth. See package for detailed instructions.

When to make use of:

HotHands Heaters are great for any occasion where long-lasting warmth is desired.

• Outside sports

• Hunting & Fishing

• Tailgating at events

• Working within the yard

• Jogging or taking the pet for a walk

• Shopping or commuting to work

Quick, long-lasting warmth
Merely open the package and so they warmth up
Easily fits within your gloves or pocket
Every hotter supplies as much as 10 hours of warmth
Made in USA









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