Garmin Approach S5 GPS Watch


Garmin Approach S5 GPS Watch The slim, lightweight Garmin Approach S5 GPS Watch is a feature-packed, hi-res color touchscreen GPS golf watch with built-in color CourseView maps for over 38,000 international courses, plus touch concentrated on and a dedicated CourseView button with Green View and manual pin positioning. Quickly to find precise yardage to the fairway, layups, and doglegs, and the space to custom locations like bunkers, water, and other hazards. Smart Notification allows you to receive emails, texts, and alerts out of your smart phone. A digital scorecard is helping you keep track of score and handicap, and the lithium-ion battery provides as much as 10 hours of GPS golf on a single charge. CourseView Full Color Maps Get full-color, hole-by-hole main points for whichever of the more than 38,000 international courses you are nearest, even before you play them. Preview doglegs, hazards, and green shapes from wherever you’re at the course, and even from the clubhouse. The S5 comes with free lifetime course updates. Precise Yardages One glance at your wrist from any point at the course is all it takes to get yardages to the front, back, and middle of the greens with clear, simple-to-read numbering. Green View With Green View, you get a detailed-up view of the fairway where you’ll be able to drag the flag to put it where you see it, providing you with more accurate yardage. Layup Distances Course management is vital, especially if you have not played a course before. Layup distance shows you yardages to doglegs and other hazards at the course. Smart Notifications Never miss any other text, email, or alert simply because your smartphone is deep to your bag. Smart Notifications assist you to receive emails, texts, and alerts right to your watch. S5 receives the wireless signal from a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone and let’s you understand you may have a message, displaying the text by itself screen every time you are ready to read it. Stat Tracking Input strokes, putts-per-round, greens-in-regulation, and fairways-hit whil













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