Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 Shaft For Titleist 910/ 913/ 915 Drivers

Emblem New Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 Shaft with Titleist Tour sleeve adapter and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360* grip put in to be used with Titleist 910, 913 or 915 D2 and D3 Drivers. Shaft can be set to play at the usual finished period of 45 inches. Professionally built manufactured from The Shaft Retailer. Customized specs to be had upon request. FUEL will also be outlined as subject matter with stored energy that may later be used to generate energy. Similar to a top efficiency engine that burns top-octane fuel for more horsepower and torque, your shaft can carry out the similar manner Ð the usage of complex technology as its fuel. With FUEL, you’ll be able to see where your energy is coming from via our proprietary FUEL ROD TECHNOLOGY, created with a COMBUSTION CHAMBER and LOAD INJECTOR TIP. FUEL uniquely utilizes this technology to generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent foundation. With this shaft, your energy is on show for everybody to look.











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