Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Running in cold weather is not at all times amusing. Runners have learned that wearing a number of layers of clothing offers the most productive protection. But getting wearing layers of heat clothing inside of a heat house incessantly causes one to perspire. Beginning a chilly weather run with damp clothing signifies that the runner will get cold – briefly. In cold or freezing temperatures, moisture is the surface’s worst enemy. Moisture pulls warmth away from the surface 23 times faster than air and will cut back skin temperature so hastily that wet feet feel painfully cold. Wet skin makes the feet a lot more prone no longer best to frostbite, but in addition to blisters. The Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks have a unique Dual Layer Moisture Removal System. The program immediately moves moisture from the surface, in the course of the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer, keeping feet dry. Staying dry is important to remaining heat and comfy in cold weather.


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