Dragonwing girlgear Un-Dee Light Compression Mini Workout Shorts

The Dragonwing girlgear line of performance attire is the primary line of base-layer athletic clothing particularly designed for ladies aged 8-17. The various feminine workout gear in the marketplace is not designed for more youthful bodies, making have compatibility a challenge for kids and young ladies. Dragonwing girlgear undergarments are designed particularly to suit tween and teenage bodies, providing women with the relaxation, beef up and confidence had to carry out their highest. The Dragonwing girlgear Un-Dee Gentle Mini Compression Spandex Short gives the easiest combination of comfort and beef up for ladies who compete in team sports, cheer, equestrian events or with regards to every other athletic undertaking. The Mini Short may be highest for Volleyball with a three” inseam. To be had in Black.


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