Clear Performance Erection Enhancement Rings

Stretchy design for a one-size-fits-most fit
Raised stimulating nubs for extra sensation
3 different ring thicknesses for more variety

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Display your partner how onerous you’ll be and the way lengthy you’ll go with 3 efficiency erection earrings. Not like such a lot cock earrings, they can stretch out and have compatibility on the subject of any sized man for a more comfy have compatibility. To not mention making it more straightforward to position them on and to take off. Every ring has a singular set of bumps for additonal stimulation at the same time as dressed in. Every set comprises three penis earrings, Every a unique dimension and development. Measurements: Within diameters vary from 0.8 to 1 inch.
Stretchy design for a one-dimension-fits-such a lot have compatibility
Raised stimulating nubs for additonal sensation
3 other ring thicknesses for more selection


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