Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls

The 2-piece Callaway HEX Diablo Golf Ball is a golf ball that is extraordinarily long and ultra cushy, combining the most efficient of each worlds. HEX Diablo promotes lower driving force spin so a player gains higher distance and accuracy from their drives at the same time as keeping up the cushy feel off the clubface that almost all golfers prefer. The re-engineered HEX aerodynamics build up raise at low speeds for extra distance at the same time as keeping up a proven, penetrating ball flight to carry its line within the wind.

Specially designed to toughen performance thru greater speed and distance, the Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls are true game changers. The ultra-skinny Ionomer protecting gives players reduced spin from the purpose of affect, making for higher vary and accuracy. Players will even revel in quicker shots as a result of the proprietary core formulation that does not detract from at ease swings. And the dimples of usual golf balls have been substituted with hexagons that build up aerodynamic performance.







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