how to spin wedge shots

How To Spin Your Wedge Shots

There’s nothing that gets the crowd going like a full wedge shot that lands past the hole and spins back straight in the cup. While you might not be able to spin the ball that much you can get the ball to check on short pitches fairly easily with clean contact. This little spin shot can help you get the ball closer to the hole to make your up and downs much easier. There are several ways to play this shot but for this article we will focus on a low checking pitch or chip shot.

Clean your wedges

The easiest way to not spin the ball is have a dirty clubface. This prevents the grooves from grabbing the ball which imparts most of the spin.

Choose the right ball and wedge

Less expensive two piece balls are more suited for maximizing distance rather than spin. Choose a high performance ball like the PRO V1 to allow for spin. Your wedges should also be high performance with maximum groove width and depth allowed by the USGA. We recommend Vokey wedges for their variety of grind and bounce options.

Setup Correctly

The setup is probably the most important part of spinning your pitches and chips. Line up slightly open to your target with the ball forward in your stance and the clubface slightly open. Keep your hands forward of the clubface and your grip light in pressure. The lighter the grip the faster you can come through at the bottom of the swing.

The Swing

For these shots you can swing a little harder than you would initially think as the ball will be carrying further but stopping quickly. Make sure to keep your hands forward and do not get too steep with your angle of attack. Think about brushing the ball off of the turf. Swing fast through the bottom of the swing to a low finish. You will feel the ball almost run up the face which is ideal as this is what imparts the spin. Make sure to keep the toe from rotating over to prevent overspin.
In conclusion, there are a lot of factors to get the ball to get the ball to spin but if you practice all of these methods you will add in invaluable shot to your short game.

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