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How to Prepare for Golf Tournaments

Playing golf with your buddies can be fun and even competitive at times. Taking golf to the next level in terms of stress with tournament play can be a tough transition for those who did not play much junior golf. That’s no excuse not to play later in life like city tournaments or club championships. With the proper game plan and preparation you can take your game to the next level in tournament play.

Here are 3 things to do to prepare for golf tournament play:

Hit the range:

A consistent practice routine a few weeks before tournament play will help make your game more consistent and lower scores. Try playing shots you might face in the tournament. Maybe you know a hole in the course calls for a draw off the tee. Practice that shot so you feel more comfortable during the tournament.

Play the course:

Probably the most important step in preparing for the course is going out to the course beforehand and take notes on various things like green slope and distances to hazards. That way when you get to the course on tournament day nothing will surprise you.

Short Game Practice:

The easiest way to lower your scores and avoid a big score under pressure is to practice your short game. Shots from around the greens will surely creep up during tournament play and the ability to get up and down can save you strokes over the competition. Pay particular attention to putts within five feet. If you can make all of those it will free your game up tremendously.

Whether you are playing in your first tournament or need an edge in your next these 3 tips will keep you on track.

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