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How to Improve Your Baseball Batting Average

For a baseball player, it’s not that the batting average is the only yardstick that will let others know how good player they are, but it is important that as a hitter you concentrate on the batting average too! You may feel that there are so many things that you need to consider while playing baseball, but your batting average is a good judge on how well you are playing. Here are tips to improve your batting average:

Use a Tee and Wiffle Ball

You must be thinking that its silly thing when it comes to improving your baseball hitting but this has been done by many hall of fame players for increasing their batting average. What you need to do is hit a wiffle ball off the tee for as much times as you can; experts suggest that you should do it hundred times a day.

With the help of this drill you can improve your consistency and at the same an improved hitting technique will also develop. When you start to hear the sound of wiffle ball from the air you will understand that your technique of hitting the ball is correct.

The Ideal Hitter

To be an ideal hitter the first thing that you need to do is select a bat that you can handle easily. To avoid swinging at the bad pitch you need to learn about the strike zone. You should focus mainly on the pitcher and not concentrate on your nose. To be an ideal hitter you must have the following qualities strength, coordination, determination, vision, body control, rhythm, style, and the will to take advice and learn from them.


All great baseball players also suggest that it is concentration that will help you become a successful hitter with a high batting average. Your approach should always be positive and you must be confidence that you can get a great hit. Although you should be aggressive, you need to be composed and cool. Also you must hit the ball up at the middle so that it gets the best force. The ball can pitch anywhere and you must have the mentality to hit it anywhere. The swing of the ball pitching should not break your concentration.

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