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How to choose your golf ball based on swing speed

Choosing a golf ball may seem trivial to most. Some golfers do not think that the ball has a great impact on their game while others simply buy the Titleist PROV1 or Titleist PROV1X because that is what used most on tour each week. Either logic could be costing you control and distance which ultimately could be costing you strokes. While there are many factors that go into choosing a golf ball like spin characteristics and launch the easiest one to accommodate is your swing speed.

Most golfers have either a slow swing speed, pro level speed or somewhere in between. The golf ball you choose will make a huge difference that can be easily seen in the ball flight and overall control of the golf ball. Often teaching pros will recommend a lower compression ball for lower swing speeds. This helps golfers with slower swing speeds compress the ball and get more rebound effect off their driver and long irons. Most low compression balls will feature a cover that reduces side spin. This helps on the longer clubs but leads to less control around the green.

High speed swings (100 MPH +) should use premium golf balls to take advantage of lower spin rates with the long irons and higher spin with the short irons. The large core and thin cover help provide optimal spin control for each club in your bag. Unlike slow swing speed golfers who need help with compression most long hitters are more concerned with control around the green. High speed players will also over compress low compression golf balls and lose a great deal of control on the ball flight with the driver.

For most golfers you should find a ball like the Bridgestone B330 RX. This ball is designed for average swing speeds under 95 MPH.  This ball provides the best of both worlds. Its compression is somewhat lower than the tour level golf balls but still has a thin cover for control around the greens. Most golfers will benefit from these playing characteristics.

Whatever swing speed you are working with there is a ball out there will optimize your game. You might not drop 10 shots of your handicap but you will be playing the best ball for your game.



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