low top basketball shoes

High Top Basketball Shoes Vs Low Top

High top basketball shoes have become the standard because of their lower risk of ankle injuries, but are low top basketball shoes any different?

High impact movements like jumping and running on hard floors like hardwood and concrete put a tremendous amount of pressure on your ankles. High top basketball shoes provide extra support around the ankle to help prevent injury from quick turns or stops. However they are heavier than low top basketball shoes and limit your movements. Another negative of high top shoes is that with continued use, they could actually make your ankle muscle weaker because they restrict movement and mobility.

Low top basketball shoes might not provide ankle support, but your increased range of movement and their lighter weight can help you pivot and move to avoid potential injury. You will also strengthen your ankle muscles when practicing. This can lead to stronger muscles that stabilize your ankles on their own without any extra support. Another added bonus about low top shoes lighter weight is you will be able to move faster and have more energy on the court because of you would have to expel as much energy to pick up your feet. As a compromise between the two you can wear low top basketballs shoes with ankle braces or ankle tape. Be sure to use strong athletic tape and wrap it under your feet as well for extra support.

Whichever type of basketball shoes you choose, remember that neither can 100% effectively prevent ankle injury so always make sure to play smart and keep your ankle muscles strong with plenty of exercise.

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