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2 Short Game Drills To Lower Your Handicap Quickly

Lowering your scores and ultimately having more fun on the golf course is at the forefront of every golfer’s mind. Actually lowering your scores is hard if you do not practice. Making the time to practice can be difficult for many people. Instead of practicing for hours doing things that have very little impact on your overall score we recommend practicing these 2 drills.

Here are 2 Short Game Drills to Lower Your Handicap Quickly

3 Foot Putting Circle

Most putts are taken within three feet of the hole throughout a round. Your 300 yard drive right down the middle counts just as much as your 3 footer. Most people practice the drive but never spend time putting those “easy” 3 footers. Many people often struggle with three footers and lead to higher scores even if they are playing well overall. To complete the drill encircle the hole with 5 balls each 3 feet away from the hole. Keep repeating the circle until you reach 50 putts. Keep track of this drill each time during your practice and you will be able to see your improvement.

3 Foot Chipping Circle

Now that you have practiced and improved your putts from 3 feet and in you need to take advantage of this new strength. To setup the drill encircle the hole with 5 colored golf tees each 3 feet from the hole. Go around the green and play various chips and pitches trying to get the ball within the 3 feet circle. You might not get many in the first few tries but overtime you will see a great improvement in your short game. Couple that with your improved putting from 3 feet and in and you will be well on your way to lower your scores.

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