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2 Drills To Increase Clubhead Speed

Golfers of all skill levels are always looking to hit the ball further. Some may question whether further is really better. Well the top 5 longest hitters on the PGA Tour last year combined to win over 20 million dollars and 9 tournaments. The top 5 straightest hitters won a combined 4 million dollars and no tournaments. I’d take the 4 million anyday but clearly power is an important factor in golf and the way to gain more power is to increase your clubhead speed.

Here are 2 quick and easy drills to increase clubhead speed in your golf swing:

Flip The Grip Drill

This might be the easiest golf drill ever invented. Simply take out your driver hold it by the shaft close to the head and swing. Take note of the swoosh sound made by the grip and with each swing try to make it louder. This will increase your clubhead speed by teaching you to release the club properly ensuring the louder sound and increased clubhead speed.

Once you complete about 10 practice swings doing this switch the club around and watch the ball go further! Do this a few times during a practice session and you will notice your hands and forearms releasing better towards your target in a more powerful way.


Distance and clubhead speed increase with the width of your swing. Width creates a longer arc and thus more time for the club to gain speed while travelling from your backswing to the downswing.

The easiest way to increase width is to widen your stance and create a little tilt behind the ball. Don’t feel like you are over the ball or keeping your head dead still. If the head and spine angle has a slight backward tilt (away from the target) you can naturally turn more in your swing creating both more width and arc.

In order to be able to increase the turn you will need to be fairly flexible. There are many training aids that help you get warmed up for golf but we recommend something that you can actually carry with you in your bag and swing.

A weighted club is not a good option as you are actually stressing the muscle more. Something like the swing stik stretching pole fits in your bag and you can keep it in the bag during tournament play.

Both of these drills will help you swing faster and hit the ball further.

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